[Removed] Mock Exam #2 for EAL VRQ Level 2 Certificate For Domestic Electrical Installers (Part P)

Update on 7th September 2013: This blog post has been removed following receipt of the following email yesterday. I have replied, offering full co-operation, explaining that I did not know that these were actual exam questions and notifying Ms Anderson that I will write my own mock exam questions which will be posted at tradesexams.com shortly.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

The City and Guilds of London Institute (“City & Guilds”) is the
owner of the copyright in the assessment materials for all City &
Guilds’ qualifications including but not limited to the
qualification Requirements for Electrical Installations (2382).

You are offering on your blog, specimen exam questions. We have reason
to believe that these questions incorporate our exam questions either
directly or substantially. For example Mock Exam #1 has 12 questions
which are identical and a further 16 questions which are substantially
similar to ours.

Copying of our exam questions without consent is not acceptable to
City & Guilds not only on the basis of copyright infringement but also
because it indicates that there has been a breach of our assessment
security procedures. We therefore ask that you:

1. remove all the questions from your website; and

2. inform us how you received these questions, so that we may identify
any breaches of assessment security.

Please contact me on the email address given both to confirm receipt
of this communication and compliance with our requests. If we do not
hear from you by 13 September 2013 we will consider what further
action we may take.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ruth Anderson
City & Guilds

7 responses to “[Removed] Mock Exam #2 for EAL VRQ Level 2 Certificate For Domestic Electrical Installers (Part P)

  1. SPOILER ALERT – this comment reveals one of the answers!

    Thanks for the mock papers, I feel it has helped me a lot.

    I have 1 question tho…….
    There is the question (Q22 on my paper)

    What Approved Document should be used to evaluate fire safety?

    The correct answer has been marked as J, but my building Builing Regs book, it states there is no Doc J but fire safety is covered with Doc B Section 10.2.1 p121.

    I hope this isn’t rude to comment.

    Thanks again.

    • Scrapper Duncan

      SPOILER ALERT – this comment reveals one of the answers!

      Hi Rudi,

      Not rude at all! Thanks very much for your comment. It’s a trick question. Approved Document J deals with heat producing appliances, which of themselves impact on fire safety, whereas the other answers do not. I agree the wording is perhaps a little unfair. The point of the question is to make you think about what impacts on what else. Since B isn’t an answer and J is the only one which is relevant, J is the answer.

      I’m pleased the quiz has helped you! I had to pay for all this information so it’s good to share it back for free :-)

  2. Daniel Ridgers

    I failed my first part p exam by 2 marks. After a week of revising and using this website, i feel i am positive to pass exam with flying colours after the help from this website. cant find many websites with the mock test which are free.

    Thank you

  3. hi, i have my exam next month and have found this site really helpfull combined with my revision.

    Will keep you posted on my progress.

  4. hi, this is my 2nd mock exam on this site. it was the best as I’ve had to go back to re read a lot of notes that somehow been missed, also it made me see that reading the question and using common sense instead of putting the answer that was belived was right.

  5. My friend used your site (29-01-13) and got 100 percent last night on his exam, I start my Part P next week and so I am using this site in advanced preperation.

  6. thanx for the mock exam very helpful i am siiting my exam tomorrow

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